A reorganisation of my wooden garage meant encounters with many eight-legged beasts.  Most of these were pretty small and quick to disappear into cracks and under various items being stored in the building.  One caught me by surprise though.  There was a particularly impressive web at the back, connecting a window frame and a cardboard box.  I got in close to take some macro shots of the web and was doing just fine until I looked up and realised there was a large spider right next to my face!

This project is designed to help me overcome a lifelong fear of spiders, but we’re still early in the project.  I gave out a wee yelp and quickly exited the garage to catch my breath.  Once recomposed I decided it was too good an opportunity to miss and went back to tackle the beast.

The garage really is a feast of spider activity, with every beam sporting a silken web and a number of egg sacks nestling in nooks throughout the space.  My skin crawled as I worked the room and I had to take a number of breaks just to get some air and catch my breath.