As New Year approached I started looking back on my photography from 2014 and realised that I had never shared my photos from the Isle of May trip.  A lot of things probably contributed to this, including preparing for my exhibition and being busy in other activities.  Still, better late than never! So here is the gallery from my summer trip to the wonderful Isle of May off the Fife coast.

Just a 45 minute ferry ride from Anstruther, this Scottish Natural Heritage run island is a prime breeding site for Puffins, Guillemots, Razorbills, Herring Gulls, Fulmars, Arctic Terns and a host of other birds and animals. It’s well worth a visit and also has a striking Stevenson lighthouse.  You can book your trip to the Isle from the Anstruther Pleasure Cruise website.

My top tip for getting pictures is to avoid the big crowds. Try and find a quiet spot near some Puffins and you’ll be rewarded with a bit of patience. Also, look out for dive-bombing Terns and Gulls!