2017 was very quiet for me on the photography and sound front as circumstance took over and I ended up being exceptionally busy with our expanding family and starting an MA.

2018 will be different though! I’m determined to do more of my own work and the first part of that will be tying up the loose ends from If You Go Down To The Woods Today, the year-long project I undertook in 2016 to study Dunnottar Woods in Stonehaven. I know people are waiting for rewards from that and I’m pretty embarrassed that I didn’t get those out last year. So, that’s my first task for this year, get that project finished and start planning some new ones!

The first step of finishing the project is to get it archived and go through the collected images. There was close to 10,000 photographs taken throughout the project, hours of video and a load of sound recordings. I’ve uploaded my favourites to a project gallery and separated the abstracts, portraits and camera trap work from the main gallery. You can find them all in the top menu or click the links above.

The hosting ran out on the project site, so I’ve archived that. I’ll have a look at copying the posts onto this site at some point but it won’t be a priority until I’ve completed the rewards for supporters.