This is a page simply to list ideas – good and bad. They might serve as a visual reminder, a conversation starter or a collaboration tool. If you see one and like it, give me a shout – we might be able to work on it together, or it might be one that I simply don’t have time to look at and you can take a run at it. 


A photo project documenting tradition bearers and contemporary singers who perform bothy ballads from the north-east.

A series of hackathons putting artists and coders together to create new work, start partnerships and foster collaboration and innovation – make cool shit.

A regular series of workshops to generate creative ideas

A project limiting the amount of photographs to be taken over a period of time e.g. 20 over two months. Forcing the photographer to think carefully about what is preserved by the shutter and what is lost.

A screen showing a live feed from a DSLR deliberately out of focus to produce rings of light – bokeh. Probably a street or other busy scene with moving, artificial lights. 

A project exploring outdoor locations with professional dancers, reacting and engaging with the landscape to create stunning photos and video.

A simple project creating maps of missing wildlife in Google Maps, pinpointing the locations where habitat and animals should be but aren’t.

Make ridiculous concept designs using Lego – monsters, vehicles, futurist nightmares etc

An exhibition of in-game photography – screenshots. 

A personal project exploring my memories and the locations from my childhood growing up in Catterline. Using non-traditional photography only – all images must be composite/stacked/manipulated/long-exposures/weird. 

A live streaming art series on Twitch featuring different artists each week responding to comments in twitch chat.

A series of interviews with artists, curators and producers from the arts sector in Scotland on FB Live

This process uses sunlight to create an image on leaves. I want to print some of the Dunottar Woods images using this.

Start designing and building experimental cameras using a variety of materials and processes. It doesn’t matter if they don’t work quite right, the key is trying new ideas and methods.